Things I Want My Daughter to Know When She’s in College (or, things I need to remind myself)


1. It’s okay to kiss lots of boys (or girls). 

2. You deserve to be kissed by someone who is interested in more than your skin.

3. You will never be able to balance good grades, adequate sleep, and a vibrant social life. When the time comes, choose what’s best for your soul.

4. When you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice, don’t beat yourself up about it. It was probably worth it anyway.

5. Make lists and check things off as you go. It holds you accountable and makes you feel accomplished when you’re done.

6. Schedule time to work out, otherwise you won’t. And it’s worth it.

7. It’s also worth it to order pizza and watch a movie with your roommate on a Wednesday night.

8. No matter what he says, or how sweetly, you don’t owe him anything.

9. Stay in touch with your friends from home (and your family). No else knows your history like they do.

10. No one else knows your history. Introduce yourself. Show them who you are now.

11. Give the pretty girl who looks like a bitch a compliment. A genuine one. Maybe she’s not a bitch after all.

12. You don’t need that last shot.

13. You really don’t need that last shot.

14. Jump on opportunities to travel. You never know if they’ll come around again.

15. Some people are douchebags, some of them join fraternities.

16. Many people are not douchebags, some of them join fraternities too.

17. After midnight, tacos will never let you down.

18. Enjoy your time by yourself. Take a long, hot shower; go for a walk; have a karaoke party of one.

19. It’s good to be the designated driver once in awhile.

20. Your professors know their shit. Pay attention.

21. You will find joy in the most unexpected places and situations; explore and experiment.

22. GO TO CONCERTS. Even if it’s someone you’ve never heard of, or a free coffeehouse show by the guy you met last Friday. Live music will feed your spirit.

23. Smile at the people you walk by. It’s a small gesture, but it can make a big difference for both of you.

24. It’s fun to wear a lot of makeup, that doesn’t mean you need to.

25. Sometimes tears are exactly what you need to clear up your vision.

26. Don’t be held down by the same group of people. Make new friends.

27. Don’t ever ditch your real friends.

28.Take lots of pictures.

29. Dance like a fool.

30. Love yourself.